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Performances - Small Stories, Tiny Tales and Small Stories online

Small Stories provides and supports storytelling experiences for young children (0-5 years) and their parents and caregivers.  It is a tailored performance  that demonstrates oral storytelling, and involves the audience in participating in the story.

small stories performances
Small Stories

I liked how the children had an active part in the story as they were enrolled as fish, trees, grass and rocks.’ (Early Years educator)

Tiny Tales is an immersive sensory and theatrical experience especially for babies up to 18 months and their parents and carers.

Picture tiny tales.jpg

’This was one of the most amazing experiences of my mothering life. Thank you for providing such a special experience for us. It was gorgeous for both bubs and mums. Thank you for celebrating the mums as well as providing an interactive and stimulating activity for the babies.’ Audience member


Small Stories Online  for young children (3-6 years) and their parents and caregivers.  Experience this adventure in your own home as dining tables become landscapes in unknown places. Families will receive a video link to watch and children will receive materials in the post to create their own puppet creatures.   These creatures come to life when we meet in the online zoom workshop .

'We did this recently through MAC. It was awesome! A was totally engaged in the creation in the lead up and during the Story! Even B enjoyed the story... with bits of distraction, but the best part about doing it from home meant he could come in and out no worries! Highly recommend' Parent 

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